PMI’s team of Professional Engineers received American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Engineering Excellence awards the last two consecutive years.


2013-2014 Engineering Awards

Hot Springs Impervious Area GIS Analysis

The City of Hot Springs was one of the first municipalities in Arkansas to issue a stormwater fee to its residents.  Though the City first issued a flat rate, it soon became clear that this was not appropriate, as some parcels had a larger impervious area and, therefore, generated a larger stormwater runoff than others.  PMI partnered with EFS GeoTechnologies to utilize proprietary GIS software to determine and delineate the impervious area of the entire City of Hot Springs.  The data was cross-referenced to assign a residential or commercial designation and an impervious area size.  As a result, the City of Hot Springs developed a rate schedule that properly reflects the impact each property has on the watershed and the City can continue to fund necessary repairs and uphold best management practices.


2012-2013 Engineering Awards

SWMU #5/Acid Tar Pits Closure System

Lion Oil Company had three acid tar pits with historic refinery wastes in them that required closure under an EPA permit.  PMI engineers partnered with FTN Associates to design an alternative closure system for the pits that could protect human health and the environment.  Based on the study of alternatives, PMI found the solution to be a water cap using lightweight materials of rice hulls and HDPE liner to isolate the waste from the water cap.  Now stormwater flows through the closure system and is discharged.  The closure system blends with the natural environmental and requires very little operation and maintenance.